NDWI Based Change Detection Analysis of Qarun Lake Coastal Area, El-Fayoum, Egypt

  • Noha DoniaEmail author
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Multidate satellite images have been used in this study to detect the trends of environmental changes in Qarun Lake, This study explored the applications of remote sensing and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) in the collection of information and analysis of data. NDWI index was calculated to detect and analyze the change detection of Qarun Lake coastal area. The results revealed that the overall size of the water decreased by about 5% and island area decreased by around 9% from 1972 until 2017. This could be due to the increase of the amount of drainage water to El-Rayan Depression.


Qarun Lake El-Fayoum NDWI Remote sensing GIS 


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  1. 1.Environmental Engineering DepartmentInstitute of Environmental Studies and Researches, Ain Shams UniversityCairoEgypt

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