The Luminescent Properties of Photonic Glasses and Optical Fibers

  • Jacek Zmojda
  • Marcin Kochanowicz
  • Piotr Miluski
  • Dominik DoroszEmail author
Part of the Challenges and Advances in Computational Chemistry and Physics book series (COCH, volume 26)


In this chapter, the visible luminescent properties of antimony-germanate and gallo-germanate glasses, glass-ceramics and optical fibers co-doped with different rare-earth (RE) systems (e.g., Sm3+, Eu3+, Yb3+/Tm3+, Yb3+/Ho3+, Yb3+/Tm3+/Ho3+, Yb3+/Tb3+, Yb3+/Eu3+) have been analyzed. Emission was obtained by direct excitation of RE ions or in case of co-doped systems by donor-acceptor energy transfer and upconversion processes. Novel constructions of double-clad, offset core, double-core, and RE triply doped optical fibers have been presented. Moreover, the effect of the structure modification of antimony-germanate glasses on the luminescence shaping has been also presented. Another, presented scientific area is investigation of plasmon effect in Ag0/Eu3+ co-doped glasses and optical fibers. The optimization of Ag0/Eu3+ content and formation of silver nanoparticles process (thermal annealing) in order to enhance luminescence has been presented.



The research activities were supported by the National Science Centre (Poland) granted on the basis of the decision No. DEC-2016/21/D/ST7/03453 and the project No. 2016/23/B/ST8/00706.


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  • Marcin Kochanowicz
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  • Piotr Miluski
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