Conclusion: Abolitionism and the Continuity of Slavery

  • Giulia Bonazza
Part of the Italian and Italian American Studies book series (IIAS)


This book has investigated a variety of forms of slavery in the first half of the nineteenth century while considering how the abolitionist debate and juridical abolitions of slavery in Italian states demonstrate the contradictions inherent in the Italian campaign against the slave trade and colonial slavery and the simultaneous persistence of slavery in Italian territory. In adopting innovative chronological and methodological approaches, it has strived to develop a new understanding of slavery in the period 1750–1850, while presenting the Mediterranean world as part of the Atlantic and Ottoman worlds. It will hopefully add value to the historiographical debate by reframing how slavery is viewed in the context of the Italian states as well as in the wider international abolitionist context. The legal abolitions of slavery in these states were mostly influenced or imposed from outside and were not the result of an internal legal debate.

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  • Giulia Bonazza
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