Merging the Different View-Points. Concluding Remarks

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  • Stefano Ruggeri
Part of the Legal Studies in International, European and Comparative Criminal Law book series (LSCL, volume 2)


This last chapter is a general overview on the impact of the European law on the domestic regulations of participatory rights. Mostly inspired by a part of the Attachment, submitted to the national rapporteurs, this chapter aims at pointing out two main features. First, the patent impact that the European law, both the ECHR and the EU law, had during the recent decades on national set-ups of participatory rights in criminal procedure. Second, the multifold pattern by which the European law affected local jurisdictions, inducing different reactions and attitudes within the analysed legal contexts. Such a normative evolution happened against a fast-changing background, in which people tend to move more frequently and where presence at trial may be put in balance with new needs and expectations.


European Convention on Human Rights European Court of Human Rights European Union Participatory rights In absentia proceedings 



Court of justice of the European Union


European arrest warrant


European Convention on Human Rights


European Court of Human Rights


European Union


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