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  • Valentina CovoloEmail author
Part of the Legal Studies in International, European and Comparative Criminal Law book series (LSCL, volume 2)


In the last decade, Luxembourg law governing in absentia proceedings was subject to legislative reforms intended to enhance the rights of suspects and accused persons. In particular, the amendments adopted in 2008 and 2017 aimed to make national criminal procedure compliant with the ECtHR case law. Against this background, the present contribution aims to analyse legal framework governing in absentia and inaudito reo proceedings in Luxembourg.


Luxembourg Criminal Procedure In absentia trials Inaudito reo procedures Defence rights 



Cour d’appel


Code of Criminal Procedure


Chambre du conseil de la Cour d’appel

CSJ corr.

Cour Supérieure de Justice, chambre correctionnelle

CSJ crim.

Court Supérieure de Justice, chambre criminelle


European Convention on Human Rights


European Court of Human Rights


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