Cost Impact of Climate Change on Agricultural Production in Turkey

  • Nejat ErkEmail author
  • Sinan Fikret Erk
  • İnanç Güney
Part of the The Anthropocene: Politik—Economics—Society—Science book series (APESS, volume 18)


Agriculture is a highly sensitive field in terms of climate change, as farming activities are strongly influenced by climatic conditions. Nonetheless, agriculture is one of the major contributing factors to increases in the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. With this in mind, agriculture offers effective solutions to climate change by emissions and by sequestering carbon. This work explores and justifies comprehensive research being done in the area of the climate change cost impact on agriculture. the study examines three major pieces of research in the area of climate change cost impact on agriculture. Each methodology is unique in terms of the modelling used. Striking major findings seem to complement each other, sharing similar sensitivity figures. As commonly underlined, the biggest drawback is derived from models optimising their own outcome, given the restrictions and assumptions being made. Our modest proposal is to adopt holistic methods, with special emphasis on the ecosystem to see more realistic outcomes of climate change on agriculture in terms of costs born.


CGE models Ecosystem Holistic cost calculation 


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  1. 1.Department of EconomicsÇukurova UniversityAdanaTurkey
  2. 2.Vocational SchoolÇukurova UniversityAdanaTurkey

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