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The history of medicine and of humanity contains a long list of exceptional physicians who devoted their lives to alleviating human suffering, often in dismal conditions, at risk to their own health and life. However, these outstanding personalities should not be taken as a model towards whom every physician should strive. For most physicians, their profession is much more than just a job; yet, they do not wish to be deprived of their private lives. Indeed, family with its pleasures and obligations, culture, sports, or any other interests are vital to counterbalance the stress of medical profession and prevent or mitigate burnout. In concluding this chapter, comments are offered on some problematic topics: physicians who share their work between public institutions and a private practice; physicians who perform scientifically unproven treatment; and medical strikes as a method to press for economic and other interests of the medical profession.


Exceptional physicians Compassion Burnout Conscientious objection Conflicts of interest Medical strike 


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