Relationship Between Innovation Process and Innovation Results: An Exploratory Analysis of Innovative Peruvian Firms

  • Jean Pierre Seclen LunaEmail author
Conference paper
Part of the Studies in Systems, Decision and Control book series (SSDC, volume 180)


Innovation is an unavoidable competitive strategy in the current economic context. In the literature it is mentioned that innovation is a process that is not by itself perfectly defined and limited in its different phases, being a set of interrelated and complex activities to systematize. Innovation, insofar as it is considered as a structured strategic process, could influence on their innovation results. This article aims to advance knowledge and identify which variables of an innovation process can better explain their innovation results. A group of innovative Peruvian companies that have been beneficiaries of public aid to develop innovation projects was studied. Evidence shows us that there is a relationship between the innovation process and innovation results, and there are variables in the innovation process that influence these results more than others. A quantitative methodology was used based on a proposed econometric model.



This article contains the results of the Research Project ID 478, which was funded by the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. The author thanks the companies that have participated in the research. Also, to Professor Enrique Medellín at National Autonomous University of Mexico and Nils Fonstad from the Center for Information Systems Research at MIT, for their valuable contributions.


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  1. 1.Department of ManagementPontifical Catholic University of PeruLimaPeru

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