A Survey on Face Recognition in Video Surveillance

  • V. D. Ambeth KumarEmail author
  • S. Ramya
  • H. Divakar
  • G. Kumutha Rajeswari
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computational Vision and Biomechanics book series (LNCVB, volume 30)


In today’s world, enormous amount of threats arises due to terrorists, criminals, thieves and also illegal access of the data from the unwanted person, etc. This leads to a lot of challenges in our daily life. With the increase in threat globally the need to deploy reliable surveillance is to increase. Video surveillance is considered to be the major breakthrough in monitoring and security. In video surveillance, the facial recognition furthermore enhances the security and defense progressively. By face recognition the probe person can be recognized more accurately, efficiently and with short time. Various methods, approaches, algorithms were available for face recognition from surveillance video. The main objective of the paper is to discuss and analyze about the various facial recognition techniques.


Illegal access Monitoring Face recognition Video surveillance 


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  • V. D. Ambeth Kumar
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    Email author
  • S. Ramya
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  • H. Divakar
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  • G. Kumutha Rajeswari
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  1. 1.Computer Science and EngineeringPanimalar Engineering CollegeChennaiIndia

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