Compromising Cloud Security and Privacy by DoS, DDoS, and Botnet and Their Countermeasures

  • Martin K. ParmarEmail author
  • Mrugendrasinh L. Rahevar
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Today, every firm either academic or private or government sectors are using the cloud as a platform to store and communicate information over the internet. Lots of data are being exchanged using various applications software and services. Services are integrated and reused the information over WWW. To effectively deal with all information, people are moving on cloud computing platform because of improving the cost of hardware and software, only pay what you use and setting up infrastructure easily and available for 24 × 7. Even though lots of advantages of sharing data on a cloud platform, their obvious question arise is that are those data secure and maintain its privacy by the service provider? Data privacy and security is an essential thing in today’s world. And to provide security and privacy over cloud computing is often challenging part for many organizations. In this paper, we represent some security challenges for cloud platform as services. We state with two security attack using DDoS and Botnet, and also show some countermeasure.


DoS DDoS Botnet Cloud security 


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