Deep Eutectic Solvents in Extraction and Sorption Technology

  • Yizhak MarcusEmail author


Deep eutectic solvents have been used extensively for the extraction and separation of a great variety of substances from diverse media. Several review papers deal with the development of deep eutectic solvents for using them for extraction purposes (Pena-Pereira and Namiesnik in ChemSusChem 7:1784–1800, 2014 [1], Tang et al. in J Separ Sci 38:1053–1064, 2015 [2], Li and Row in J Separ Sci 39:3505–3520, 2016 [3]). Deep eutectic solvents have been tailor-made for extractive purposes by combining choline chloride, betaine, or proline with glycerol or sucrose, forming sustainable and effective extraction media (Jeong et al. in J Chromatogr A 1424:10–17, 2015 [4]).


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