Tolerable Capsize Risk of a Naval Vessel

  • Andrew J. Peters
Part of the Fluid Mechanics and Its Applications book series (FMIA, volume 119)


Many of the operations and duties conducted by naval ships involve a degree of risk. This risk is somewhat unavoidable due to the nature of operating a warship at sea, where operational requirements can put the vessel and crew in harms way. One of the hazards that the crew is subjected to while on operations is that of the weather. The objective of this chapter is to discuss the tolerable risk associated with the loss of a naval vessel due to the weather conditions. A review of tolerable risk and potential methodologies of calculating an annual probability of loss of the vessel which uses time domain simulations and statistics of observed weather conditions aboard naval ships are presented.



The authors would like to gratefully acknowledge the permission granted by the UK MoD for publishing the results of the investigation.


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