Regular Wave Testing as a Crucial First Step for Dynamic Stability Evaluation

  • David D. HaydenEmail author
  • Richard C. Bishop
  • Martin J. Dipper
Part of the Fluid Mechanics and Its Applications book series (FMIA, volume 119)


The DDG51 pre-contract hull form as represented by Model 5514 was evaluated for capsize events at End of Service Life Load Limit for the Righting Arm Limiting and Intact 100 Knot Wind Limiting KG Conditions. The hull was evaluated using a matrix of various following sea headings and Froude numbers at various regular wave lengths and steepness. The results provide a good comparison point to computer simulations and a way to verify regimes of concern relating to dynamic stability. The domains of reduced dynamic stability can be used to determine future areas of study for random or deterministic irregular wave testing. The model test also provides data to compare measured roll decay and maneuvering characteristics against simulation predictions for validation. Experimental techniques and model layout are described. Suggestions for future improvements in regular wave testing are provided. Even though regular wave dynamic stability testing provides a basic evaluation of dynamic stability, the results can be used as a key starting point for additional testing or as a basis for operational guidance.


Regular waves Parametric evaluation Dynamic stability 



The authors would like to acknowledge the many contributions of naval architects, electronic and mechanical engineers and technicians whom have improved NSWCCD dynamic stability testing capabilities since the early evolutions. The technical efforts from Code 51 and 55 personnel have gradually built upon the previous effort. The contributions of each and all is greatly appreciated in this effort.


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  • Richard C. Bishop
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  • Martin J. Dipper
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