Rheology and Bituminous Binder, A Review of Different Analyses

  • Laurent PorotEmail author
Conference paper
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The use of Dynamic Shear Rheometer, DSR, has become a standard testing method to address the rheology of bituminous binder in various conditions. This test can generate a comprehensive set of data. Its interpretation can be done in different ways, depending on what will be the key features to address. This paper provides an overview and put in perspective the different parameters and approaches when analysing DSR data. It is based on a selection of different paving grade binders from soft to hard, one Polymer modified Binder and different aging conditionings of a standard binder. The analysis includes master curve of complex shear modulus, Black Space, Cole Cole diagram, as well single associated parameters such as Performance Grade criteria, cross-over parameters, Glover-Rowe parameter, amongst over. They all provide relevant and complementary information. While considered alone, they are not sufficient to address the whole range of behaviour. The combination of them can give a broader view of binder behaviour.


Bitumen Asphalt Rheology DSR Master curve Black space 


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