Chemomap Imaging Microscopy Use to in Situ Assess Oxidative Ageing in Compacted Asphalt Mixtures

  • Sabine VassauxEmail author
  • Vincent Gaudefroy
  • Laurence Boulangé
  • Audrey Pévère
  • Virginie Mouillet
Conference paper
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Nowadays, the main challenge in the actual road infrastructure context is to guarantee an efficient, safe and durable road network for daily users. Without a regular maintenance, road pavement materials are ageing and lead to a local deterioration. To better predict the durability, it is also essential to assess road pavement materials properties after ageing. In literature, asphalt mixture ageing is often assessed by the measurement of consistency, oxidation and rheological properties on the binder, which is previously extracted with a chlorinated solvent. However, this method is solvent and time consuming; it also lies on the dissolution and possible modification of the bitumen structure. Therefore, the paper aims at developing an in-situ method to directly assess the ageing state in compacted road pavement asphalt mixtures. Based on a statistical chemomap Imaging ATR methodology, variations in the microscopic carbonyl absorbance are quantified in the analyzed bituminous mastic of recycled asphalt mixtures displaying different oxidation states. Results allow successfully validating the direct measurement of microscopic oxidation properties on asphalt mixture specimens. Through the calculation of a microscopic oxidation average, the degree of remobilization can be indirectly assessed in bituminous mixtures incorporating reclaimed asphalt. More largely, the statistical chemomap method opens new perspectives to link the measurement of local oxidative ageing properties with mechanical behavior of compacted asphalt mixtures specimens, for a better prediction of road materials performances and durability.


Infrared imaging microscopy No-destructive Recycling Asphalt Ageing Chemical properties Oxidation 


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  • Vincent Gaudefroy
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  • Laurence Boulangé
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  • Virginie Mouillet
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