An Integer Linear Programming Formulation for Routing Problem of University Bus Service

  • Selin Hulagu
  • Hilmi Berk CelikogluEmail author
Part of the AIRO Springer Series book series (AIROSS, volume 1)


The initial phase of our work, concentrating on the formulation of a staff service bus routing problem (SSBRP), is motivated by a real life problem of a university at a multi-centric metropolitan city. In order to improve the overall cost efficiency of the existing staff service bus operation system of the Technical University of Istanbul (ITU) we ultimately aim to find a set of staff service bus routes that provides transportation to and from four campuses for its eligible academics and administrative staff currently using service buses. An integer linear programming formulation for the SSBRP for the single campus case is presented.


Optimization School bus routing problem Traffic and transportation 


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  1. 1.Department of Civil EngineeringTechnical University of IstanbulMaslak, Sariyer, IstanbulTurkey

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