A Freight Adviser for a Delivery Logistics Service e-Marketplace

  • Annarita De MaioEmail author
  • Antonio Violi
  • Demetrio Laganà
  • Patrizia Beraldi
Part of the AIRO Springer Series book series (AIROSS, volume 1)


We introduce the study of an application for the Macingo Technologies, a company that manages an e-marketplace for logistics services. A carrier has to pick-up and delivery freight from different points and is able to accept further delivery requests through the web company platform. In order to investigate the convenience in accepting extra-deliveries, the company wants to develop a decisional support system that suggests a list of convenient deliveries, and as a consequence, the best itinerary for the pick-up and delivery points. We study a Vehicle Routing Problem in which a subset of mandatory customers has to be visited by the vehicle, while the goal consists of maximizing the net revenue with respect to the routing cost to serve the set of mandatory customers. Some preliminary computational results are presented, showing the validity of the proposed approach.


Vehicle routing Pick-up and delivery Time windows 



This work has been partially supported by POR Calabria FESR-FSE 2014–2020, with the grant for research project “Smart Macingo”, CUP J18C17000580006.


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  • Annarita De Maio
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  • Antonio Violi
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  • Demetrio Laganà
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  • Patrizia Beraldi
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  2. 2.INNOVA s.r.l.Rome (RM)Italy

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