INFORMS, Analytics, Research and Challenges

  • Nicholas G. HallEmail author
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The profession of operations research and analytics is experiencing a period of exceptionally rapid changes. These changes are being stimulated by the availability of much greater data, increased competition for publication space, and a business environment that expects greater technical skills. This paper reviews these significant changes and various resulting challenges for the profession. It also discusses possible responses to these challenges by INFORMS, the world’s leading academic and professional society for operations research and analytics, and its members.


Operations research and analytics Emerging trends Challenges INFORMS 



This work is supported by the Berry Professorship at the Fisher College of Business, The Ohio State University. Permission to reproduce content from INFORMS’ publications is appreciated. Content for the discussion of research on the sharing economy was provided by Prof. Guangwen Kong, University of Minnesota. Content for the discussion of research on personalized health care was provided by Prof. Brian Denton, University of Michigan.


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