Georgia as a Central Oil and Gas Exploration Project Area

  • Robert J. Brewer
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In 1971, Corpus Christi, Texas geologist Richard H. Sams visited and examined the sites of eight hydrocarbon seeps in the state of Georgia and published his findings in a very informative and useful report that reviewed the same seeps documented 50 years before in the early part of the twentieth century. Sams did not visit the site of a ninth seep located near the town of Cedar Springs in Early County, Georgia in the far western part of the state. He clearly states in his report that the Cedar Springs seep was not visited because it was too far away from the other seeps that are located much farther east and closer to each other in the central part of Georgia south of the Fall Line. This is intriguing because the author was not aware of the existence of the Early County seep before purchasing a copy on eBay and then later reading the Sams report in April of 2015.


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