Nearest Oil and Gas Production to Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina

  • Robert J. Brewer
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Regarding North Carolina oil and gas occurrence; although natural gas and oil are known to occur in North Carolina, they are not currently produced commercially in the state. Additional work is needed to evaluate their economic value. Directional drilling and hydraulic fracturing may become more common in North Carolina as the economic benefits become more evident. Between 1925 and 1998, 128 petroleum exploration bore holes have been drilled in North Carolina. None were commercial. Recent exploration has been focused in Lee and Chatham counties. As of this writing two of these exploration wells remain under permit in Lee County but are not in production. The Deep River Coal Field is located in Chatham, Lee and Moore Counties, North Carolina. Oil bearing shales are exposed in the Deep River Valley. Oil and gas shows have been reported in wells drilled in Lee County, North Carolina such as the Butler # 3 well location.


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