Crypto Currency: The Birth of an ICO

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By continuing the journey through defining, launching, and bringing a crypto currency to a level of critical mass, a symbiotic relationship between the currency and the marketplace is naturally developed. Crypto currencies exist only within the networks that they are conceived in. Those networks which give life to a particular currency will survive or have viability relative to the utility value of the marketplace. At least this will be apparent initially. Confusing the entire relationship as crypto currency is easy. However, deconstructing all the components is vital to bring clarity as an initial coin offering (ICO) is launched, and the number of crypto currencies increases in number. Since ICO is the preferred choice to bring a crypto currency online, this chapter goes through the details of launching an ICO using the working model of LUCKY DOG coin for reference.


Initial coin offerings (ICOs) Transactional Platform Utility tokens Ethereum Virtual Machine Investors 

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