Scanning Probe Microscopy in Materials Science

  • Bryan D. HueyEmail author
  • Justin Luria
  • Dawn A. Bonnell
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The advent of scanning probe microscopy () revolutionized surface science in the 1980s and facilitated the nanotechnology revolution in the ensuing decades. First scanning tunneling microscopy, then atomic force microscopy () and near-field optical methods, were developed and employed for fundamental and applied research in many disciplines including physics, biology, chemistry, and a wide range of engineering fields. But SPM, especially AFM, has in particular contributed to materials science due to the fact that atomic to nanoscale resolution of materials properties can be achieved. Routine and specialized SPM approaches now provide measurements and maps not just of the topography, but also of local mechanical, electronic, magnetic, optical, thermal, chemical, and coupled properties. Important recent developments include increases in imaging speed, in situ and in operando studies, advanced probes, and even tomographic AFM. This chapter describes the concepts and implementation of these various SPM methods focused on new discoveries in materials science.

Scanning tunneling microscopy Atomic force microscopy Tip–surface interactions Kelvin probe force microscopy Scanning spreading resistance microscopy Scanning capacitance microscopy Near-field scanning optical microscopy Scanning impedance microscopy Nano-impedance microscopy and spectroscopy Piezoelectric force microscopy Dielectrics Piezoelectrics 



BDH and JL acknowledge support from the DoE Sunshot program. DAB acknowledges financial support from NSF and DoE. Dr. Sergei Kalinin and Dr. James Steffes are each gratefully acknowledged for helpful and informative discussions. The authors are also grateful to Nikhila Balasubramanya and Luis Ortiz for assistance with manuscript details, and to Maxim Nikiforov for his considerable input on a previous edition of this chapter.


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