Electron Nanodiffraction

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This chapter introduces the practice and theory of electron nanodiffraction. After a brief introduction, the chapter provides a comprehensive description of electron diffraction techniques and their use for nanodiffraction. This is followed by discussions on electron probe properties, electron energy filtering and electron diffraction data analysis. Throughout the chapter, we emphasize different electron nanoprobes that can be formed inside an electron microscope, from a focused beam to parallel illumination, and how these probes can be used to extract structural information from different materials. For this purpose, we outline the electron diffraction theories based on both kinematic approximation and dynamic diffraction, which serve as the basis for the interpretation of electron nanodiffraction patterns. The principles and applications of scanning electron nanodiffraction and coherent diffraction imaging are covered in detail with applications for orientation mapping, imaging strain, 3-D nanostructure determination, and study of defects.

electron diffraction

nanostructure analysis convergent beam electron diffraction (CBED) diffractive imaging four-dimensional scanning transmission electron microscopy (4-D STEM) strain mapping atomic resolution tomography 



The writing of this chapter was made possible with the support by US Department of Energy, Grant DEFG02-01ER45923 and NSF DMR 1410596. The work described here would not have been possible without the outstanding efforts of students and postdoc students, especially work by Weijie Huang, Yifei Meng, Yu-Tsun Shao, Kyouhyun Kim, Xiangwen Lu, Wenpei Gao, and Piyush Vivek Deshpande has contributed directly to the writing of this chapter.


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