Aortic Valve

  • Michael Y. HeneinEmail author
  • Mary Sheppard
  • John R. Pepper
  • Michael Rigby


The aortic valve is a passive valve made up of three leaflets which assume the shape of half moons (semi-lunar). Opposite to the mitral valve, there is no true aortic fibrous annulus but a complex root made up of the aortic wall sinuses, left ventricular myocardium, and interleaflet fibrous triangles. The ostia of the coronary arteries are located within the aortic sinuses. The sino-tubular junction is an important anatomic landmark for surgical procedures. It may be that the leaflets of the aortic valve are not passive as they are rich in different types of nerve endings. The function and role of these “nerves” remain obscure.

Supplementary material

Video 2.1

Parasternal long axis view from a patient with bicuspid ­aortic valve disease

video 1.avi (5,551 KB)

Video 2.2

Apical 5 chamber view from a patient with calcific aortic valve disease

video 2.avi (5,298 KB)

Video 2.TAVI1

TOE 3D images of the aortic root in a patient with severe aortic stenosis undergoing TAVI procedure with the catheter crossing the calcified valve

TAVI1.avi (13,183 KB)

76621_2_En_2_MOESM4_ESM.mpg (1.1 mb)
Video 2.TAVI2 Same views with colour Doppler TAVI2.avi (1,131 KB)
Video 2.3

Apical views from a patient with severe aortic stenosis and poor LV function

video 3.avi (2,138 KB)

Video 2.4

Parasternal long axis views from a patient with severe ­aortic regurgitation and poor LV function

video 4.avi (8,288 KB)


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