Palatal Myoclonus

  • Roongroj Bhidayasiri
  • Daniel Tarsy
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Palatal myoclonus (PM), also known as palatal tremor, is a rare disorder which causes low-frequency 1–3 Hz contractions of the uvula and soft palate. Secondary PM most commonly occurs secondary to a lesion in the brainstem or cerebellum within Mollaret’s triangle which comprises the cerebellar dentate nucleus, red nucleus, central tegmental tract, and inferior olivary nucleus. There is sometimes associated myoclonus of the face, eye muscles, tongue, or larynx. Secondary PM is due to rhythmic contractions of the levator veli palatine muscle. Primary or essential PM is less common, occurs in the absence of an identifiable lesion, is usually isolated, produces audible ear clicking, and is usually absent during sleep.


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Supplementary material

Intraoral video shows irregular low-frequency (about 2 Hz) PM.

Palatal myoclonus.mp4 (MP4 1,578KB)


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