Vaccination in Organ Transplant Patients

  • Lara Danziger-IsakovEmail author
  • Camille Nelson Kotton


Vaccines are an essential component of protection against infection after solid organ transplantation for both children and adults. Unfortunately, many transplant recipients are undervaccinated. In general, vaccination before transplantation results in better immunologic response, and the period before transplant is a special opportunity to provide protection for this vulnerable population. Live vaccines, such as MMR, varicella/zoster, nasal influenza, yellow fever, oral polio, and others are generally contraindicated after transplant. While the immunologic response induced by vaccination may be less robust in this population, due to exogenous immunosuppression, organ disease, and other comorbidities, this protection may be sufficient to protect or attenuate disease. Various individual vaccines are discussed in detail in this review.


Vaccine Immunization Transplant Immunity Protection Prevention 


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