Single-Incision Laparoscopic Approaches to Colorectal Disease

  • Virgilio GeorgeEmail author


Single-incision laparoscopic colectomy may decrease parietal trauma and may offer cosmetic advantages when compared with standard laparoscopic approaches. Among the potential advantages, cosmetic is an important factor. Currently, there are no prospective randomized trials comparing single-incision laparoscopy with conventional laparoscopy, and there is little data about post-hospitalization outcomes and benefits over existing techniques. Considering this, it’s difficult to recommend widespread implementation of this technology. However, despite these limitations, we have to remember that in the beginning of conventional laparoscopic surgery, cosmetic result was the only benefit conferred. As experience grows and technology advances, this approach may become the preferred technique for surgeons in select cases.


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Supplementary material

Video 22.1

Single-incision right colectomy. Video from Deborah S. Keller and Conor P. Delaney. Laparoscopic, Robotics and Endoscopy. In: Steele SR, Maykel JA, Champagne BJ, Orangio GR, eds. Complexities in Colorectal Surgery. Springer, New York 2014 (MOV 54629 kb)

Video 22.2

Extracorporeal hand movement during a right colectomy. Video from Deborah S. Keller and Conor P. Delaney. Laparoscopic, Robotics and Endoscopy. In: Steele SR, Maykel JA, Champagne BJ, Orangio GR, eds. Complexities in Colorectal Surgery. Springer, New York 2014 (MOV 35153 kb)

Video 22.3

Single-incision total proctocolectomy with IPAA (WMV 245726 kb)


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