Right Hemicolectomy and Ileocecectomy: Laparoscopic Approach

  • Joseph C. CarmichaelEmail author
  • Michael J. Stamos


In this chapter, we will review the laparoscopic technique to perform a right hemicolectomy and ileocecectomy. There are many variations to this technique, and we will simplify the operation by dividing it into seven basic steps. A laparoscopic medial to lateral approach will be utilized to illustrate the seven steps of a right hemicolectomy. Alternatives to the medial to lateral approach including inferior to superior approach and lateral to medial approach will also be reviewed. Hand-assisted laparoscopy, single-port laparoscopy, and robotic surgery will be covered here but will be reviewed in more detail in other chapters of this book. In closing, a few difficult scenarios and complications will be discussed, and tips and tricks for dealing with them will be reviewed.


Right hemicolectomy Ileocecectomy Laparoscopic approach Colorectal surgery 

Supplementary material

Video 5.1

Opening peritoneum and ligation of pedicle in obese patient. (MPG 4 kb)

Video 5.2

Opening peritoneum and ligation of pedicle. (MPG 4 kb)

Video 5.3

Medial to lateral dissection (MPG 4 kb)

Video 5.4

Lateral to medial dissection with exposure of the duodenum (MPG 4 kb)

Video 5.5

Peritoneal incision and mobilization of the terminal ileum (MPG 4 kb)

Video 5.6

Takedown of the hepatic flexure (MPG 4 kb)

Video 5.7

Ligation of middle colics from cephalad (MPG 4 kb)

Video 5.8

Ligation of middle colics from caudal (MPG 4 kb)


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