Operating Room Setup and General Techniques for Robotic Surgery

  • Seung Yeop OhEmail author
  • Cristina R. Harnsberger
  • Sonia L. Ramamoorthy


In this chapter, we will review equipment, setup, and general techniques in robotic surgery. Robotic techniques are increasingly being applied to colorectal surgery. To date, the most common indication for the use of robotics in colorectal surgery is in the pelvis for rectal dissection. More recently, however, robotic colectomy is gaining momentum. Before incorporating robotic technology into practice, a fundamental knowledge of the system and proper use of the equipment and basic procedure setup are critical to patient safety and optimal outcomes.


Operating room setup General techniques Robotic surgery Colorectal Surgery 

Supplementary material

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Robotic suturing (MP4 86990 kb)

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Robotic vessel sealer (MP4 99125 kb)

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Robotic stapler (MP4 100881 kb)

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Firefly fluorescence imaging (MP4 94212 kb)


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