Sigmoid Colectomy and Left Hemicolectomy: Robotic Approach

  • Rodrigo PedrazaEmail author
  • Eric M. Haas


Following the overview of laparoscopic techniques to sigmoid resection and Hartmann’s reversal in the previous chapters, we will expand on the utilization of the da Vinci robotic system for this procedure. Certain operative steps described in this chapter are part of a total robotic low anterior resection and proctectomy described in a later chapter for this book.


Sigmoid colectomy Left hemiolectomy Robotic approach Colorectal surgery 

Supplementary material

Video 16.1

Isolation and ligation of IMV (inferior mesenteric artery) (MP4 75776 kb)

Video 16.2

Splenic flexure mobilization (MP4 105344 kb)

Video 16.3

Isolation and ligation of IMA (inferior mesenteric artery) (MP4 154635 kb)

Video 16.4

Robotic adhesiolysis (MP4 200640 kb)

Video 16.5

Medial-to-lateral mobilization (MP4 110431 kb)

Video 16.6

Lateral division peritoneal attachments (MP4 44843 kb)


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