Sigmoid Colectomy and Left Hemicolectomy: Laparoscopic Approach

  • Charles B. KimEmail author
  • Ovunc Bardakcioglu


The purpose of this chapter is to review the technique of performing a laparoscopic sigmoid resection and left hemicolectomy. The essential steps of the procedure will be discussed in detail, including patient positioning, port placement, identification of key structures (inferior mesenteric artery pedicle, tumor, and ureter), mobilization techniques, extraction sites, and methods of reconstruction. While there are many different approaches to performing a sigmoid resection or Hartmann’s reversal, this chapter will describe the pure laparoscopic approach. Additionally, specific considerations and challenges encountered while performing a sigmoid resection will be reviewed.


Sigmoid colectomy Left hemicolectomy Laparoscopic approach Colorectal surgery 

Supplementary material

Video 13.1

Ligation of the inferior mesenteric artery (MP4 141226 kb)

Video 13.2

Lateral mobilization of sigmoid colon (MP4 21110 kb)

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Rectosigmoid transection (MP4 103185 kb)


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