Rotating Neutron Stars as the Origin of the Pulsating Radio Sources


The case that neutron stars are responsible for the recently discovered pulsating radio sources1–6 appears to be a strong one. No other theoretically known astronomical object would possess such short and accurate periodicities as those observed, ranging from 1·33 to 0·25 s. Higher harmonics of a lower fundamental frequency that may be possessed by a white dwarf have been mentioned; but the detailed fine structure of several short pulses repeating in each repetition cycle makes any such explanation very unlikely. Since the distances are known approximately from interstellar dispersion of the different radio frequencies, it is clear that the emission per unit emitting volume must be very high; the size of the region emitting any one pulse can, after all, not be much larger than the distance light travels in the few milliseconds that represent the lengths of the individual pulses. No such concentrations of energy can be visualized except in the presence of an intense gravitational field.


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