Planning groups: preparing a session

  • Linda Finlay
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Planning group treatment — be it preparing for a single session or setting up a longer term group — is a complicated business. Many of the procedures for running a session are applicable to both types of group, though a longer term group has extra demands. In order to prepare for a session, we have to identify and take into account the needs of our patients or clients, think through our aims of treatment, and consider how to adapt our role and activities to meet these aims. Then, we have to motivate the group members to attend in order for them to benefit from the experience we have planned. When setting up a longer term group, we also have to take a number of practical decisions about the type of group we are going to run, when it will occur and where. We negotiate issues of leadership and co-leadership, and devise procedures for referral, recording and evaluation. Then, we have to prepare our future group members and engage their commitment to attend.


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