Groups in occupational therapy

  • Linda Finlay
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What we mean by’ society’ is in large part the activity of people in groups of one kind or another. As we grow, work or simply live in society each one of us participates in a multitude of groups. We are born into a family group. At school we have classroom groups, sport groups, gossip groups, and at work there are team meetings, cooperative work tasks and informal discussions. In our social life we join clubs and societies, we meet with friends and ‘do things’ together. In all of these examples the group is more than just a collection of individuals. The members are bonded together both by their group identity and shared purposes which will only be achieved by interacting and working together (Mosey, 1973). Each group is unique. Some groups are relatively constant (such as the family), others continuously reform (like social groups). Some involve highly formal and structured activities, whilst others are informal and may involve us in simply being with others in a companionable silence.


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