Dynamical Localization, Dissipation, and Repeated Measurements

  • Robert Graham
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSB, volume 254)


The study of the quantum signatures of classical chaos [1–3] has brought to light a number of new quantum effects, which may be combined under the label “dynamical localization”. It has been seen in the excitation and (or) ionization of Rydberg atoms in a strong microwave field [4–6], however the phenomenon is more general and there is a whole class of such experiments, some of them already performed, others that may be conceived, which can be fruitfully considered from a common point of view: (i) one is dealing with quantum systems somewhere near the border between the quantum and the classical regime, which are (ii) driven by a periodic external electromagnetic field of a frequency larger compared to a neighboring level spacing, and of an intensity big enough to indirectly couple many unperturbed levels via multi-photon processes.


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