Personal appearance and the impression given to others

  • Dorothy E. Penso
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‘Appearances are deceptive’ we are told. In the case of the person with perceptuo-motor difficulties this may be all too true; the impression they give to the world in general may be very different from the ‘real’ person within. Posture, gait, gesture, clothing and the effects of personal grooming may all give an erroneous impression of the personality and characteristics of the person concerned. ‘Beauty is only skin deep’ and ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ are sayings familiar to everyone; nevertheless, we are impressed by personal appearance and demeanour. Help which can be given to people with persistant perceptuo-motor difficulties in order to make the most of their appearance will be beneficial not only in the world of work but also in everyday casual and continuing relationships with others. ‘He ought to look neat and tidy. It’s half the battle... making a good first impression,’ wrote J.B. Priestly (1946).


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