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Complex Genes

  • Lawrence S. Dillon


Thus far in this analysis, only those genes have been examined that simply encode a single product, whether an RNA or a protein. Although often the coding sequences have been found to be interrupted by untranslated sectors, the presence of such introns had no effect on the immediate product of translation, because of their removal before that process occurred. But now the point has been reached where the dictum “one gene, one peptide” loses its validity, for in the several major classes of genes that receive attention in this chapter two or more distinct proteins are encoded in every case. Each of these products must undergo processing before the main component (or components) is able to function. The simpler of the diverse complex genes is that class, earlier named diplomorphic (Chapter 1, Section 1.1.3), that codes for a double translational product. As a rule, but not always, the bulk of the transcript becomes translated into an active enzymic or structural protein; in addition, this bears a prefatory peptide that appears to be requisite for the protein to pass through a membrane. The latter may be either the cytoplasmic covering or the sheath that encloses an organelle, such as a mitochondrion, chloroplast, Golgi body, or endoreticulum.


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