The Coronaviruslike Superfamily

  • Eric J. Snijder
  • Willy J. M. Spaan
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Until recently, the Coronaviridae was classified as a monogeneric family of closely related viruses. However, in the past four years, it has become evident that similarities in the genome organization, replication strategies, and nucleotide sequences of coronaviruses, toroviruses, and arteriviruses, require a revision of this taxonomy. The “superfamily” concept (Strauss and Strauss, 1988; Goldbach and Wellink, 1988), which is based on evolution and phylogeny and which has already closed the gaps between other virus groups (e.g., the alpha-viruslike and picornaviruslike superfamilies), can now also be applied to a group of “coronaviruslike viruses.”


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