Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Morey J. Haber


Critical infrastructure systems that span manufacturing, transportation, water supply, and energy all depend heavily on information systems for their monitoring and control. Historically, Industrial Control Systems (ICS) relied on physical separation as the primary means for security (segmentation). However, modern control system architectures, management processes, and cost control measures have resulted in increased integration of corporate and ICS environments. While these interconnections increase operational visibility and flexible control, it can also increase risks that previously did not occur with isolated ICS. Through an interconnected network, the ICS system can be exposed to threat actors that have already exploited and compromised the Internet and corporate networking, or by insiders misusing their privileges. ICS-CERT (Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team) provides ICS-CERT alerts to assist owners and operators in monitoring these threats and provides actionable guidance to mitigate ICS systems.

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