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JavaScript is a sophisticated, general-purpose, object-oriented, interpreted programming language originally developed by Netscape Communications Corporation for building Web applications that require client-side processing (i.e., processing that occurs in the browser). In addition, JavaScript is a non-type-safe programming language. This means that an invalid operation on an object (e.g., adding a string value to an integer value) will not be detected at design time (i.e., when the source code is parsed and compiled) but will be detected at runtime (i.e., when the operation is executed). However, before an invalid operation occurs during execution, JavaScript will attempt to convert the objects (i.e., operands) of the operation to types that are compatible with the operation so that the operation can be executed without causing a program crash. For example, the operation x = “abc” + 123 would not throw a type error during execution (and thus cause the program to crash) even though abc is a string and 123 is an integer. This is because JavaScript can (and will) convert the 123 to a string before the concatenation occurs. Anyone familiar with C, C++, Java, or similar language will have little difficulty learning JavaScript with its familiar curly bracket style.

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