Finding Your Purpose: Project Deliverables

  • Jarrett Goldfedder


Now that your integration team is in place, the actual project can begin. The goal here, of course, is to complete a set of tasks to ensure that the data moves successfully from one point to another, be it one time, daily, or multiple times throughout the day. You can measure your success in this effort in a variety of different ways: Did you meet the client's business needs? Does the data flow in a “reasonable” amount of time (where you know the value of “reasonable”)? Does the integration run as expected, or are there exceptions that must be abided? If so, who is responsible for resolving? Is the documentation of the process and code clear and complete? With all these success factors, you will no doubt forget some critical detail, and someone somewhere is going to be upset. And that brings us to the topic of this chapter: ensuring your success through project deliverables.

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