Chinese Women in Tech

Finding More Success Than Their American Counterparts
  • Griffin Kao
  • Jessica Hong
  • Michael Perusse
  • Weizhen Sheng


“Women hold up half the sky,” Mao Zedong famously declared in 1968, a diamond in the rough and violent legacy he left behind. Two decades prior to Mao’s declaration, the Communist Party had assumed power in China and began the process of reshaping the country’s ideological consensus on economic production and cultural development. Complete with a new name (the People’s Republic of China), this reformed nation was to be a more balanced, more equal society lead by a dictatorship that would impress this creed on the Chinese people, no matter the cost.

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© Griffin Kao, Jessica Hong, Michael Perusse and Weizhen Sheng 2020

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  • Griffin Kao
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  • Jessica Hong
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  • Michael Perusse
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  • Weizhen Sheng
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  2. 2.EdinaUSA
  3. 3.CambridgeUSA
  4. 4.MarkhamCanada

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