Apples to Apples

How Market Cannibalization Makes Apple One of Its Biggest Competitors
  • Griffin Kao
  • Jessica Hong
  • Michael Perusse
  • Weizhen Sheng


If you currently own an iPhone, you’ve probably owned many iPhones. Whether it’s the intuitive design, sleek body, or ability to send blue texts that keeps you hooked, you’ve chosen Apple for your phone—and maybe your laptop, desktop, tablet, and watch, too. But in many Apple users’ experiences with the company, there comes a tipping point where you decide that the next, shiniest model of the iSomething 20 is simply not worth the upgrade; your old iSomething 19 will do. In fact, your iSomething 19 is still so good at its job that you don’t see the need to buy any new Apple products for quite some time.

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  • Weizhen Sheng
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