Power BI Case Study: Monitoring BMC Remedy Help Tickets

  • Jeffrey M. Rhodes


Power BI can also be used for non-Office 365. An example that we have found helpful is in monitoring Remedy tickets. Remedy is an IT Service Management software that manages incidents, work orders, and other items. An important task is monitoring ticket status, how long they have been open, whether they have been assigned, and other tasks. Before Power BI, this had been accomplished by exporting data from Remedy to Excel and then creating charts. Not only was this labor-intensive, but the data was stale by the time it was presented at a staff meeting. Figure 83 shows one of our Power BI dashboards. It covers data from the previous 90 days and shows the number of tickets by support group (section), the status, the organization (Mission Element) with the issue, who submitted the ticket, who the ticket was assigned to, and so on.

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