Laying Out Your Widgets

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Now that we’re familiar with some widgets that hold a value and how to make them respond to gestures, we are ready to make them lay out properly. In this chapter, we’re going to deal with the major techniques of getting your widgets to appear on the screen in various relations to one another and to manage the space between them. Notice that I said “major techniques” not “all techniques.” This is because Flutter has dozens of widgets for laying things out, many of which overlap in functionality with others. This is great if you enjoy lots of choices, but the more choices you have, the more complex a subject is.1 So to spare you the confusion, we’re not going to cover 100% of the widgets or the options. Instead we’re going to focus on the ones that will get the job done in the real world without overwhelming you. We suggest that you learn the techniques in this chapter to get you 90% of what you’ll ever need for layouts. Then, when you run across a situation that you can’t solve with these techniques, you can do some research or call for help.

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