Mobile Device Management with EMS

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Mobile device managed is part of the Intune component of EMS. In the previous chapters, we configured the components around EMS, to lay the ground work for Mobile Device Management. In this chapter, we are configuring four components of mobility device management. These are Multifactor Authentication (MFA), Mobile Applications Management(MAM), Windows Information Protection(WIP) and Mobile Device Management(MDM).The chapter is about extending the key security components necessary to operate and manage mobile devices in Office 365 and Azure. This chapter is focused on the deployment of multifactor authentication (MFA), Mobile Application Management (MAM), Windows Informaion Protection (WIP) , and Mobile Device Management (MDM). These four components are compliance components that are included with the Microsoft 365 suites. At the end of this chapter, you will have a good understanding of the MFA, MAM, WIP, and MDM components and be able to deploy them.).

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