Backlog Grooming

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Backlog grooming (sometimes called story-time) is a common technique used by product owners and teams to clarify, size, and prioritize the backlog of epics and user stories before and during a sprint. The product owner has accountability for the product backlog and engages in regular, collaborative discussions with the agile team to review and revise it. The agile team supports backlog grooming by providing knowledge of the product or service being developed and the relative size of the epics and user stories in the backlog. New epics and user stories may emerge as a result of backlog grooming. It is the responsibility of the product owner to capture these within the product backlog along with their acceptance criteria. Backlog grooming typically includes a negotiation between the product owner and the agile team on which user stories will be added, removed, or revised. The user stories at the top of the backlog are typically included in the next sprint or iteration.

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