Kirsten Benzel

Senior Database Engineer, SurveyMonkey
  • Malathi Mahadevan


Kirsten Benzel is a mischievous senior database engineer who has been working for SurveyMonkey since 2014. Prior, she enjoyed the deserts of Arizona while working on-site for GoDaddy, and then found the Bay Area also to her liking while she worked remotely for several years. She became fascinated with computers at an early age. When she’s not gaming, you can usually find her gleefully tuning a query or wandering a beach looking for sea glass. Her career in information technology began when she was unable to find employment as a town philosopher after earning her BA in Philosophy from Northern Arizona University. She became visible in the SQL community while twice administrating Argenis Without Borders, a fundraiser for Doctors Without Borders that ended during the annual PASS Summit.

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