Monetizing Healthcare Machine Learning

  • Puneet Mathur


This chapter is about ideas in healthcare wherein using machine learning technology would help organizations in monetizing these ideas. I present to you just three ideas that, as per my research in the healthcare sector and after having consulted experts from the healthcare field, brought me to the conclusion that these three ideas not only need more attention but are going to be the focus for the healthcare industry in the future. Some of the things that I tell you in this chapter may sound far-fetched and far from reality, but you will realize as there’s progress that these ideas are definitely going to take shape and are going to be implemented in the healthcare industry. Of course these ideas are good for any startup to pick up and start working on. It is not that there are no startups working on these ideas, but I am presenting you a fresh view of the ideas in how to monetize them as far as machine learning is concerned. The first idea is about a communications application. The second idea involves connected patient data networks. And the third idea is about IoT in healthcare. While I tell you about these ideas, I will also tell you about some of the pitfalls and the dangers that exist in the current state where these ideas stand.

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