How to Implement Machine Learning in Healthcare

  • Puneet Mathur


We now look at the areas of healthcare areas that hold huge potential. For this we need to carefully examine the technology mapping graph in Figure 2-2 of Chapter  2. There are certain areas in the graph that lie in Phase 1 and are low in technological maturity level. Although these hold potential, they do not give us a huge area of opportunity, as the technology is not currently supporting developments in these areas. For example, personalized medicine is very new and there is huge amount of research that must happen, including use of AI, to enable it to move to the next phase. Such research must be linked to the healthcare industry very closely so that the adoption happens faster. Next is the Phase 2 area of epidemic outbreak prediction, which has a few hits and misses and needs to address privacy issues in order to move to Phase 3. The real potential lies in the Phase 3 column of areas, where the technology has moved into the assisted applications stage.

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